Title Speaker Class Subjectsort descending Class Year
Stephen F. Hayes: U.S. National Security in the Age of Obama
Bradley Beck: 2015 Leaders in Action Award & Class Officers
Leaders In Action Award: LPR Retreat 2013
James Carafano: Benghazi: Metaphor for everything Obama
Panel Discussion: Mike Rosen, Craig Shirley, David Harsayni
Dr. Yaron Brook: What IS Capitalism... where did it come from?
Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?
Robert Clinton & Michael Lucchesi: Free Market Principles in Action (group exercise)
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Rediscovering the Principles of the American Founding
Michael Williams: Defenders of Capitalism- Outline of Course & Expectations
Michael Williams: Not My Brothers Keeper
McElhinney on Green Peace
Stephen Moore: Obamanomics and the Bankrupting of America
Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally: A Wake Up Call For Conservatives
Bob Schaffer: Live Like a Leader
Ross Kaminsky and Eric Weissmann: Applying Free Market and Constitutional Principles to Current Events
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Critics of the Founding and Modern American Politics
C.L. Bryant: Runaway Slave
Bob Schaffer: Relations wth Other - Peace through Strength
Bill Kristol: American Politics Today
William Armstrong: Sons of Liberty
Ben Ginsberg: The Brave New World - Constitutional Law and Political Campaigns After Citizen United
Conditions of Freedom Review & Building the LPR Liberty House
Shari Williams: What Will Your Impact Be?
The Hon. Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor
Monica Crowley: Current Political Trends
Adam Schrager: The Principled Politician
Dr. Yaron Brooks, Why Businessmen Need Philosophy, Nov 2011
Dr. Rulon Stacey: Public Policy Implications in Health Care
McElhinney: World Over Population
Mary Katharine Ham: How to Grow a New Generation of Conservatives
Yaron Brook: The Morality of Freedom
Message Development: The Key to Persuasion
Shari Williams: Building Influence and Reading Audiences with Value Based Messaging
The Hon. Bob Schaffer: Economic Liberty
Bob Schaffer: Empowering the Individual
Helen Kreible: A Private Sector Solutions to Border Securty and Guest Worker
Michael Williams, The Lesson: Check Your Premises
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: The Constitution, the Judiciary, and the Bill of Rights
Mia Love: Freedom
Dr. Jill Vecchio: The Proper Role of Government in Healthcare
Michael Williams: The Lesson: Check Your Premises
Kevin Miller: Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally: A Wakeup Call Conservatives
The Hon. Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor
Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor
Michael Williams: The Best Within Us
Dr. William Moloney: Educational Choice Marketplaces
Robert Clinton and Michael Lucchesi, Free Market Principles in Action, Nov 2011
Bob Schaffer: Building Block of Liberty - Why the Rule of Law
The Argument Against Socialized Health Care