Title Speakersort descending Class Subject Class Year
The Lesson: Check Your Premises
The Hon. Bob Schaffer: Opening Remarks Jan 2010 Class
Legacy Award Honoree: Hon. Bill Hybl
Dr. Richard Rahn: The Debt Threat: National and International Implications
Michael Williams: Defenders of Capitalism
Colorado Civil Justice League
Civilization at the Abyss
Ted Cruz: Defending Liberty: The Second Great Conservative Awaking
The Federal Budget
Dr. Dan Mitchell: A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy
Jonah Goldberg: Barack Obama and the Fierce Urgency of Yesterday
Geroge Will: The Political Argument Today
Catherine Herridge: The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda's American Recruits
Tom Krannawitter: The Problem of Slavery in the American Founding
Defenders of Capitalism Speech
Gordon Riggle: What Makes a Great Leader? IQ and EQ: Leading With the Heart and Mind
Why Government Fails, but Individuals Succeed
Dr. Charles Krauthammer: Politics in Washington
Free Market Principles in Action
Dr. Tamara Hannaway: The Moral Basis for Capitalism
Michael Lucchesi & Robert Clinton: Free Market Principles in Action
Bob Schaffer April Class
Panel: The GOP & the Tea Party, Can this Marriage Survive?
Tom Krannawitter: Slavery
Dan Mitchell: A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy
America, Let Play Pretend: How the Left is Leading the Country Toward the Land of Make Believe
Brian Westbury: Did Capitalism Fail?
Building Influence and Reaching Audiences with Value Based Messaging – Formulas You Can Use
Amb. John Bolton: Threats to U.S. Sovereignty and Security in the Obama Adminstration
The Hon Bob Shaffer: Opening Remarks
Greg Walcher
Elbert Guillory: Amerocam Dream Report Card
Michael Williams: The Lesson: Check Your Premises
Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor
John Stossel: Gun Control
KT McFarland: Flash Points Around the World
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Influencing for Freedom in a World of New Deal Politics
Amb. Paul Bremmer: Combating Islamic Extremism
William Perry Pendley
Leaders in Action Award: Laura Carno
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Resdiscovering the Principles of the American Founding
Bill Whittle: American Exceptionalism
Daniel Hannan: Repatriate the Revolution: A British Take on American Independence
Freedom is a Team Sport
Dr. John Ridpath: Is the Tea Party Movement America's Last Best Hope
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Critics of the Founding and Modern American Politics
Jeanine Pirro: What Happened in American?
Legacy Award Honoree 2015 Alex Cranberg Keeping the Momentum on Track Annual Retreat 2015 2014-2015
The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels Alex Epstein Keeping the Momentum on Track Annual Retreat 2015 2014-2015
Met the Voters: The Colorado Electorate by the Numbers Allen Fuller Persuasion is Power: Marketing Your Message 2016-2017 2016-2017