Title Speaker Class Subject Class Year
Why Capitalism is Good for the Poor Dr. Gary Wolfram Freedom: The Key to Propserity and Progress 2013-2014 2013-2014
Michael Williams: The Lesson: Check Your Premises
Dan Mitchell: A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy
Tom Krannawitter: Slavery
Tom Krannawitter: The Problem of Slavery in the American Founding
Michael Williams: Defenders of Capitalism
Tom Krannawitter: Rediscovering the Principles of the Declaration of Independence
Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor
Tom Krannawitter: Proper Role of the Constitutional Gov't: View from the Federalist Papers
Yaron Brook: The Defense of American Rights: Principles, not Pragmatism
Michael Williams: The Best Within Us
Helen Kreible: A Private Sector Solutions to Border Securty and Guest Worker
America's Foreign Policy Challenges Dr. Peter Brookes Peace Through Strength 2011-2012 2011-2012
Bob Schaffer: Relations wth Other - Peace through Strength
Defenders of Capitalism Speech
Colorado Civil Justice League
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: What's New in the 'New" New Deal?
Empowering the Individual
Not My Brother's Keeper
School Choice and America's New Color Line
The Argument Against Socialized Health Care
Mia Love: Freedom
McElhinney: World Over Population
William Armstrong: Sons of Liberty
McElhinney on Green Peace
Leaders In Action Award: LPR Retreat 2013
Bill Whittle: American Exceptionalism
John Stossel: Gun Control
America, Let Play Pretend: How the Left is Leading the Country Toward the Land of Make Believe
Why Government Fails, but Individuals Succeed
Civilization at the Abyss
War of Ideas: The Fundamental Role of Government
Legacy Award Honoree: The Honorable Bill Armstrong
FrackNation: The Miracle and the Madness
Panel: Our 2nd Amendment: A Guarantee for Freedom
Can We Live with ObamaCare?
Cause for Confidence
So You Think Money is the Root of All Evil? Dr. Yaron Brook No Right to Violate Rights 2014-2015 2014-2015
Message Development: The Key to Persuasion
Conditions of Freedom Review & Building the LPR Liberty House
Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally: A Wake Up Call For Conservatives
Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?
Freedom is a Team Sport
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Influencing for Freedom in a World of New Deal Politics
Building Influence and Reaching Audiences with Value Based Messaging – Formulas You Can Use
Free Market Principles in Action
The Federal Budget
The Lesson: Check Your Premises
The Free Market Revolution
Michael Williams: Defenders of Capitalism- Outline of Course & Expectations