Title Speaker Class Subject Class Yearsort ascending
Bob Schaffer: Relations wth Other - Peace through Strength
Bill Kristol: American Politics Today
William Armstrong: Sons of Liberty
Dan Mitchell: A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy
Greg Walcher
Brian Westbury: Did Capitalism Fail?
The Hon Bob Shaffer: Opening Remarks
Building Influence and Reaching Audiences with Value Based Messaging – Formulas You Can Use
FrackNation: The Miracle and the Madness
Education Session: Panel Discussion 2-21-2014 Retreat
Don Griffin: Hey Buddy Can You Spare A Dime
Tom Krannawitter: The Consitution and the Proper Role of Government
Mary Katharine Ham: How to Grow a New Generation of Conservatives
Dr. Yaron Brooks, Why Businessmen Need Philosophy, Nov 2011
Monica Crowley: Current Political Trends
Adam Schrager: The Principled Politician
Yaron Brook: The Morality of Freedom
McElhinney: World Over Population
Michael Williams: The Lesson: Check Your Premises
William Perry Pendley
KT McFarland: Flash Points Around the World
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Influencing for Freedom in a World of New Deal Politics
Legacy Award Honoree: The Honorable Bill Armstrong
Jonah Goldberg: Don't Worry, Be Happy Warriors
Shari Williams: The IMVP Model
Dr. Jill Vecchio: The Proper Role of Government in Healthcare
Michael Williams, The Lesson: Check Your Premises
Bob Schaffer: Empowering the Individual
Helen Kreible: A Private Sector Solutions to Border Securty and Guest Worker
Michael Williams: The Lesson: Check Your Premises
Mia Love: Freedom
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Critics of the Founding and Modern American Politics
Daniel Hannan: Repatriate the Revolution: A British Take on American Independence
Freedom is a Team Sport
War of Ideas: The Fundamental Role of Government
Legacy Award Honoree: Hon. Bill Hybl
The Hon. Bob Schaffer: Opening Remarks Jan 2010 Class
Dr. Yaron Brook: US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
The Argument Against Socialized Health Care
Hon. Bob Schaffer: Building Blocks of Liberty - Why the Rule of Law
Robert Clinton and Michael Lucchesi, Free Market Principles in Action, Nov 2011
The Hon. Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor
Bob Schaffer: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor
Michael Williams: The Best Within Us
Dr. William Moloney: Educational Choice Marketplaces
Live Like a Leader
Dr. Yaron Brook: What IS Capitalism... where did it come from?
Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?
Robert Clinton & Michael Lucchesi: Free Market Principles in Action (group exercise)
Dr. Tom Krannawitter: Rediscovering the Principles of the American Founding