Name Title Organizationsort ascending
Mark Klugmann Presidential Commissioner ZEDE development zones
Stephen F. Hayes Editor in Chief Weekly Standard
Michael Barone Senior Political Analyst Washington Examiner
Peggy Noonan Columnist Wall Street Journal
Bret Stephens Deputy Editorial Page Editor Wall Street Journal
Helen Krieble President Vernon K. Krieble Foundation
The Honorable Jason Chaffetz Congressman, Utah (R) US House of Representatives 114th Congress
Dr. Vernard Gant Director Urban School Services ACSI
Tara Smith Author and Professor of Philosophy University of Texas
Dr. Rajshree Agarwal Rudolph Lamone Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy and Director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets University of Maryland
Bruce Benson President University of Colorado
Charlie Kirk Founder and Executive Director Turning Point USA
Katie Pavlich Journalist
Dana Loesch Author, Radio & TV Host TheBlaze
Ross Kaminsky Radio Talk Show Host The Ross Kaminsky Show
Mark Levin Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host The Mark Levin Show
Jason Riddle Director of Programs & Alumni Relations The Foundation for Economic Education
David Harsanyi Senior Editor The Federalist
Mollie Hemingway Senior Editor The Federalist
Helen Mitchell President Speakers Bureau
Hugh Hewitt Syndicated Radio Host Salem Broadcasting
Luke Ragland President ReadyCO
Stacy Washington Talk Show Host Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research
Deroy Murdock American syndicated columnist National Review Online and Scripps Howard News Service
Tom Rogan Contributor National Review Online
Rich Lowry Editor National Review
Jim Geraghty Senior Political Coorespondent National Review
Bruce Haynes Public Affairs & Advertising Consultant National Media
Kevin Miller Founder of National Freedom Initiative National Freedom Initiative
William Perry Pendley President Mountain States Legal
Don Griffin Executive Director Monument Academy
Sal Giunta Former United States Army Soldier Medal of Honor recipient
Joseph G. Lehman President Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Gordon Riggle Senior Lecturer, Leadership & Strategy Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
The Honorable Bob Schaffer Chairman, LPR Leadership Program of the Rockies
Dr. Tom Krannawitter Defender of the Declaration Leadership Program of the Rockies
Shari Williams President, LPR Leadership Program of the Rockies
Art Laffer Founder and Chairman Laffer Associates and Laffer Investments
Andrew Klavan Author Klavan on Culture
The Honorable Pete Hoekstra Shillman Senior Fellow Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)
Ben Coes Author Independent Author
Dr. Linda Gorman Director, Health Care Policy Independence Institute
Jon Caldara President Independence Institute
Dr. Matthew Spalding Associate Vice President and Dean of Educational Programs Hillsdale College, Washington, DC
Dr. Gary Wolfram Professor of Economics & Public Policy Hillsdale Collage
Lisa Boothe President and Founder High Noon Strategies
Dr. Peter Brookes Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs Heritage Foundation
Steve Moore Economist and writer Heritage Foundation
Kim Monson Lone Tree City Council and Radio Host Heart of the Matter
Jedediah Bila TV host and analyst Fox News and Fox Business