Namesort descending Title Organization
Jim Geraghty Senior Political Coorespondent National Review
John Allison Chairman of the Executive Council Cato Institute
John Brock, Ph.D. Director Center for Economic Education
Jon Caldara President Independence Institute
Joseph G. Lehman President Mackniac Center for Public Policy
Katie Pavlich Journalist
Kennedy Multi-media broadcaster Fox Business Network
Kevin Miller Founder of National Freedom Initiative National Freedom Initiative
Kim Monson Lone Tree City Council and Radio Host Heart of the Matter
Lawrence Reed President Emeritus Foundation for Economic Education
Lisa Boothe President and Founder High Noon Strategies
Luke Ragland President ReadyCO
Mark Klugmann International Consultant
Mark Klugmann Presidential Commissioner ZEDE development zones
Mark Levin Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host The Mark Levin Show
Mark Montini
Mark Steyn International Author and Speaker
Mary Katherine Ham Author, TV & Radio
Matthew Groves VP of Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
Melanie Sturm Founder Engage2Win
Michael Barone Senior Political Analyst Washington Examiner
Michael Williams Director Defenders of Capitalism
Mike Rosen Radio Host 850 KOA
Mollie Hemingway Senior Editor The Federalist
Peggy Noonan Columnist Wall Street Journal
Peter Wallison The Arthur F. Burns Chair in Financial Policy Studies and co-director of Financial Policy Studies American Enterprise Institute
Rachel Davison Humphries Director of Outreach Bill of Rights Institute
Rich Lowry Editor National Review
Richard Vedder Author and Noted Speaker
Rob Long Writer and Prodcucer
Robert Clinton President Colorado Council for Economic Education
Ross Kaminsky Radio Talk Show Host The Ross Kaminsky Show
Sal Giunta Former United States Army Soldier Medal of Honor recipient
Sara Carter Fox News Contributor and the Executive Director & Founder of the Dark Wire Investigation Foundation Fox News
Scott Moore Vice President of Worldwide Marketing ANADARKO Petroleum Corporation
Shari Williams President, LPR Leadership Program of the Rockies
Sheriff David Clarke Sheriff of Milwaukee County
Stacy Washington Talk Show Host Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research
Stephen F. Hayes Editor in Chief Weekly Standard
Steve Moore Economist and writer Heritage Foundation
Tamara Farah Communications Director Americans for Prosperity - Colorado
Tara Smith Author and Professor of Philosophy University of Texas
The Honorable Bob Schaffer Chairman, LPR Leadership Program of the Rockies
The Honorable Don Beezley
The Honorable Hank Brown Former US Senator Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck - Denver Law Office
The Honorable Jason Chaffetz Congressman, Utah (R) US House of Representatives 114th Congress
The Honorable Jason Lewis Congressman, 2nd District, MN Congress
The Honorable Mark Hillman Executive Director Colorado Civil Justice Leage
The Honorable Pete Hoekstra Shillman Senior Fellow Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)
Tom Rogan Contributor National Review Online