Podcasts for LPR Class of 2016-2017

Qualities of Leadership 2016-2017
Title Speaker
Think Like a Leader: Vision, Values and Velocity Mark Montini
What Makes a Great Leader? IQ and EQ Gordon Riggle
Presentation of Patrick Henry The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Refresh and Reconnect - 2017
Title Speaker
Engage to Win - Not Merely Elections, But a Better Future For Humanity! Melanie Sturm
Equal Protection for Equal Rights: The Solution to Civil Rights Injustices, Gov't Overreach, and Violations of Private Property Dr. Tom Krannawitter
The Road to 'Repeal and Replace:' Facts vs Hysteria Guy Benson
How Conservatives can Lead the Charge for Better Schools Luke Ragland
Economics in One Day Jason Riddle
Integrating What You've Learned in LPR - Freedom vs Force Michael Williams
Peace through Strength 2016-2017
Title Speaker
The Constitution and the Political Science of the Federalist Papers Dr. Tom Krannawitter
A True Capitalist Foreign Policy Elan Journo
Americans for Prosperity Tamara Farah
A Private Sector Solution to Boarder Security and Guest Workers - Using Founding Principles Helen Krieble
America's Foreign Policy Challenges Clifford May
Relations with Others - Peace through Strength The Honorable Bob Schaffer
The Proper Role of Government 2016-2017
Title Speaker
Property Rights and the Rule of Law Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Equal is Unfair: The attack on Capitalism from Ineqaulity Don Watkins
Fracking Rocks! An American Energy Transformation Scott Moore
The Theft of the Conservative Movement - and How Conservatives Can Take It Back Greg Walcher
Building Blocks of Liberty - Why the Rule of Law The Honorable Bob Schaffer
No Right to Violate Rights 2016-2017
Title Speaker
The Proper Role of Government in Healthcare Dr. Jill Vecchio
What's New in the New Deal? Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Colorado Civil Justice League The Honorable Mark Hillman
Is Capitalism Moral Dr. Yaron Brook
School Choice and America's New Color Line Dr. Vernard Gant
Empowering the Individual The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Forging Freedom Annual Retreat 2017
Title Speaker
2017 Leaders in Action Award Presentation Helen Krieble
Reform and Government Oversight The Honorable Jason Chaffetz
The Power of the Narrative Andrew Klavan
Legacy Award Honoree: Bruce Benson Bruce Benson
Coming Apart at the Seams: America in Crisis Dr. Charles Murray
The Ten Foreign Policy Commandments for President Trump Bret Stephens
What Are We Fighting For? Ben Collins
The Courage to Influence 2016-2017
Title Speaker
Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally: A Wakeup Call for Conservatives Kevin Miller
The Progressive Transformation of American Politics Dr. Tom Krannawitter
The Moral Case: Not My Brother's Keeper Dr. Yaron Brook
Building Influence and Reaching Audiences with Values Based Messaging - Formulas You Can Use Shari Williams
Translating Ideas into Public Policy Joseph G. Lehman
Live Like a Leader - First Follower The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Persuasion is Power: Marketing Your Message 2016-2017
Title Speaker
What is Capitalism and How it Works Michael Williams
Met the Voters: The Colorado Electorate by the Numbers Allen Fuller
Persuasion & Leadership: Connecting the Dots Mark Montini
Freedom: The Key to Prosperity and Progress 2016-2017
Title Speaker
Free Market Principles in Action - Group Exercise Dr. Michael Lucchesi
Reviewing the Conditions of Freedom - Flash Cards Shari Williams
Why Capitalism is Good for the Poor Dr. Gary Wolfram
A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy Dr. Richard Rahn
Checking Your Premises: What is Capitalism and Does It Work Dr. Yaron Brook
Timeless Principles of the American Founding 2016-2017
Title Speaker
The Problem of Slavery in the American Founding Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Defenders of Capitalism: The Freedom Trainl - Getting off the Red Line Michael Williams
Rediscovering the Principles of the Declaration of Independence Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Welcome and Orientation Class of 2017 Shari Williams