Podcasts for LPR Class of 2017-2018

Qualities of Leadership 2017-2018
Title Speaker
What Makes a Great Leader? IQ and EQ Gordon Riggle
Driving Disruption: Leading Change in a Warp-Speed World Mark Montini
Peace Through Strength 2017-2018
Title Speaker
The Constitution and the Political Science of the Federalist Papers Dr. Tom Krannawitter
The Best Within Us and 2018 class test results Michael Williams
The Defense of American Rights: Principles, not Pragmatism Elan Journo
America's Foreign Policy Challenges Dr. Peter Brookes
The Proper Role of Government 2017-2018
Title Speaker
Property Rights and the Rule of Law Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Free Speech, Free Minds, Free Markets Tara Smith
Building Blocks of Liberty - Why the Rule of Law The Honorable Bob Schaffer
The Theft of the Conservation Movement - and How Conservatives Can Take It Back Greg Walcher
No Right to Violate Rights 2017-2018
Title Speaker
The Proper Role of Government in Healthcare Dr. Jill Vecchio
Waht's New in the New Deal? Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Is Capitalism Moral? Dr. Yaron Brook
Empowering the Individual The Honorable Bob Schaffer
The Cutting Edge of Freedom - Annual Retreat 2018
Title Speaker
Political Journalism: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Jim Geraghty
Russia: What You Need to Know Mollie Hemingway
Federal Regulations and the U.S. Budget The Honorable Jason Lewis
Leaders in Action Award 2018 Michael Williams
Trumponomics and Prospects for the American Economy Art Laffer
Panel: Diversity of Thought: Where Can You Find It? Richard Vedder
The Courage to Influence 2017-2018
Title Speaker
The Progressive Transformation of American Politics Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Introduction of the "F" Word Michael Williams
Building Influence and Reaching Audiences with Value Based Messaging Shari Williams
Live Like a Leader - First Follower The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Persuasion Is Power: Marketing Your Message 2017-2018
Title Speaker
What is Capitalism and HOW it Works! Michael Williams
Moving the Middle: Why moderates aren't listening to conservatives Allen Fuller
Persuasion & Leadership and Message Development Mark Montini
Freedom: The Key to Prosperity and Progress 2017-2018
Title Speaker
Checking Your Premises: What is Capitalism Dr. Yaron Brook
Free Market Principles in Action - Group Exercise John Brock, Ph.D.
Reviewing the Conditions of Freedom - Flash Cards Shari Williams
Why Capitalism is Good for the Poor Dr. Gary Wolfram
A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy Dr. Dan Mitchell
Economic Liberty - the Key to Prosperity The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Timeless Principles of the American Founding 2017-2018
Title Speaker
The Freedom Trail - Getting off the Red Line Michael Williams
The Problem of Slavery in the American Founding Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Rediscovering the Principles of the Declaration of Independence Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Welcome and Orientattion Class of 2017 Shari Williams