Welcome to the Leadership Program of the Rockies podcast library.

This podcast library features speakers from LPR classes, as well as previous Retreats. Some podcasts are available back to 2009.

What is the Leadership Program of the Rockies?

The Leadership Program of the Rockies’ mission is to change the culture of the United States to one that fully embraces freedom.

The program strives to educate and energize citizens whose understanding of politics is often inconsistent with a sound understanding of freedom’s principles: individual natural rights, the proper role of government, and a responsible, engaged citizenry.

However, the Leadership Program of the Rockies is not a candidate training school. LPR is a one-of-a-kind program that focuses on cultural “influencers.” We refer to our method as the Proximity Impact Model™, and the result is impressive: a growing, formidable Army for Freedom™ that exerts pressure on the politicians.

Speakers at the Leadership Program of the Rockies help to equip program participants with a core foundation of the timeless principles of freedom, so that they can articulate and translate those timeless principles into action.

If you have any questions about the podcast library, please contact Kelind Thomas.