Podcasts for LPR Class of 2018-2019

The Courage to Influence 2018-2019
Title Speaker
The Progressive Transformation of American Politics Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Building Influence and Reaching Audiences with Value Based Messaging - Formulas You Can Use Shari Williams
Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally: A Wakeup Call for Conservatives Kevin Miller
Not My Brother's Keeper, the Moral Case for Capitalism Dr. Yaron Brook
Translating Ideas into Public Policy Joseph G. Lehman
Live Like a Leader - First Follower The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Persuasion is Power: Marketing Your Message 2018-2019
Title Speaker
What is Capitalism and How is works! Michael Williams
Moving the Middle: Why moderates aren't listening to conservatives Allen Fuller
Persuasion & Leadership: Connecting the Dots Mark Montini
Freedom: The Key to Prosperity and Progress 2018-2019
Title Speaker
Free Market Principles in Action - Group Exercise Dr. Michael Lucchesi
Reviewing the Conditions of Freedom - Flash Cards Shari Williams
Why Capitalism is Good for the Poor Dr. Gary Wolfram
Checking Your Premises: What is Capitalism Michael Williams
A Look at the Federal Budget and the Economy Dr. Dan Mitchell
Economic Liberty - the Key to Prosperity The Honorable Bob Schaffer
Timeless Principles of the American Founding 2018-2019
Title Speaker
Welcome and Orientation 2018-2019 Shari Williams
The Problem of Slavery in the American Founding Dr. Tom Krannawitter
The Freedom Train - Getting off the Red Line Michael Williams
Rediscovering the Principles of the Declaration of Independence Dr. Tom Krannawitter
Our Lives Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Service The Honorable Bob Schaffer